Episode 95



February 5th, 2020

19 mins 51 secs

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State Senators have decided not to vote just yet on SB 404, a controversial parental consent abortion bill. But that isn’t stopping a protest by opponents, who will hold a symbolic “occupation” of The Capitol.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— A House committee approves a bill that eliminates the statute of limitations for cases of child sexual assault. The woman who inspired “Donna’s Law” tells her story to lawmakers for the first time in a public setting.

— Another House committee votes to repeal the state law which allows local governments to install red-light cameras at intersections. Supporters say those cameras save lives. Opponents call it taxation-by-citation.

— The Senate Criminal Justice Committee clears a bill that would allow EMT’s to provide emergency care for police dogs and transport those K-9s in an ambulance.

— And a Florida man takes truth in labeling law way too seriously.