Episode 92



January 31st, 2020

19 mins 29 secs

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Members of the Legislative Black Caucus are calling for an outside investigation into the officer-involved shooting that took the life of a 22-year-old FAMU student.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Despite a landmark death penalty ruling last week by the Florida Supreme Court, leaders in the state Senate say they’re not going to change the law that requires a unanimous vote of the jury to impose a death sentence. At least, not in the current session

— Florida pharmacists say they’re being driven out of business by pharmacy benefit managers. PBMs were supposed to help people get the drugs they need at the best prices, but critics say some giant health care companies have rigged the system to raise rates, increase profits and drive small pharmacies out of business

— On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, pollster extraordinaire Steve Vancore talks about the presidential campaign.

— Deputies in Osceola County say a Florida Man walked into a Kissimmee McDonald’s wearing an employee uniform, went behind the cash register and helped another man place an order. Once the register was open, the faux employee grabbed a handful of cash and ran. So did the guy who placed the order. Deputies say it’s the second time the guy pulled this stunt — the first was on Christmas Day.