Episode 90



January 29th, 2020

18 mins 36 secs

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About this Episode

The Senate is taking up a controversial bill forcing minors to get permission from their parents to get an abortion. The House is also considering a bill that says your genetic information is off-limits to insurance companies.

Also, on Sunrise:

— Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried is fuming over a bill that would move the state energy office from her agency to one controlled by the Governor. Fried calls it a partisan power grab

— In the aftermath of Hurricane Michael, Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis says it's time to change the culture in Tallahassee and put consumers over the insurance industry.

— A House subcommittee approves two new gun bills: One making it easier to bring concealed weapons to church; the other allows local elected officials to be armed during official meetings (where guns are prohibited for everyone else).

— Our daily tribute to Florida Man (and Woman): A guy who stole to pay for his ankle monitor and a woman who used her minivan to drive her teenage son to a robbery.