Episode 9



September 20th, 2019

15 mins 6 secs

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Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried takes aim at now-Sen. Rick Scott, accusing the former Governor of an ‘ideological war’ against Floridians with HIV.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— After years of avoiding any talk about climate change, Republican leaders in the Florida Legislature finally say they’re ready to face up to the problem.

— A new study from Florida State University says criminals born in American are far more likely to be repeat offenders than immigrants from other countries.

— The Secretary of the Florida Department of Corrections asks lawmakers for help — and money — to change the culture of the agency.

— The latest with Florida Man: 37-year-old Erick Russell has worked as a school guardian in Pinellas County since April, but investigators say Russell pawned the Glock handgun issued to him by the sheriff’s office three times in one month.