Episode 80



January 14th, 2020

17 mins 45 secs

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On the eve of Session, The Capitol complex was teeming with teachers asking lawmakers to do a better job funding education. Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran issued some vague threats about it being an “illegal teacher strike” that could lead to firings; Senate Democrats say that’s ridiculous. They’re also offering an alternative to the Gov. Ron DeSantis’ $900 million teacher pay package.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— The Sierra Club of Florida delivers a report card to DeSantis, giving him a “D” on environmental issues during his first year in office.

— A Senate committee approves Alyssa’s Law, requiring panic alarms in public schools.

 — Backers of the only recreational marijuana amendment that had a chance of making the ballot in 2020 said they’re not going to make the deadline. So, they’re holding off until 2022

— Correspondent Noah Pransky talks about a different kind of political poll.

 — And two Florida Man stories: One faces jail time for spitting; the other for pooping.