Episode 77



January 9th, 2020

13 mins 55 secs

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Florida already requires criminal background checks if you want to work in law enforcement, schools and day care, among others. Now there’s a bill that says Amazon delivery persons should face the same sort of scrutiny.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Earlier this week, Sunrise reported on legislative efforts to control local governments by preemption of authority on several issues. Now there’s a bill to get rid of one of those preemptions.

— House Speaker José Oliva says he will support efforts to allow college student-athletes to cash in on their fame. So far, lawmakers filed four bills.

— Vice President Mike Pence’s campaign rally in Tampa next week is moving to a new venue, after complaints from residents of Valencia Lakes who said they didn’t want it in their private, gated community.

— Sunrise talks with state Sen. Annette Taddeo on the issue of a Halloween holiday for public schools. Not Halloween itself, but the day after.

— Two stories show Florida Women can be every bit as stupid as Florida Man, which includes a Ruskin woman with a million dollars’ worth of cocaine and a Vero Beach woman who lost it over 25 cents worth of dipping sauce.