Episode 76

Pot fight


January 8th, 2020

14 mins 49 secs

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About this Episode

Tallahassee’s political establishment is asking the Florida Supreme Court to keep a marijuana adult-use legalization amendment off the ballot in November.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran delivered his plan to get rid of the Common Core in Florida schools. However, the Governor’s office is staying mum on any details.

— Two lawmakers from the Tampa Bay area want to restore funding for arts education. It’s an investment that pays enormous dividends, they say.

— A South Florida lawmaker files a bill to stop the state from selling personal information on your driver's license to third parties — like bill collectors, credit bureaus and private investigators.

— U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio is under fire after saying he won’t vote to compel testimony from John Bolton in Donald Trump's upcoming Senate impeachment trial.

— Today’s Florida Man stories are real doozies: A naked man strung out on meth took a bite out of a police dog and the tale of a toe-sucking intruder.