Episode 75



January 7th, 2020

22 mins 8 secs

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About this Episode

State Rep. Anna Eskamani, the only Iranian American serving in the Legislature, gives her take on the fallout from President Donald Trump’s decision to take out Iran’s top general with a drone strike

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Medical marijuana may be legal in Florida, but you can still lose your job if you test positive for it. Two South Florida lawmakers are proposing a fix.

— Integrity Florida issues a new report that raises red flags about how the lawmakers tend to pass preemption bills, forcing local governments to do things their way … or not at all.

— On an all-female (and a bird) Florida Man segment, a Hollywood woman was clocked driving 107 MPH on I-275 in Pinellas County, with an open bottle of vodka in the car, as well as Jello shots and beer in the trunk. And Palm Beach County deputies responded to a 911 call in Lake Worth, only to find it was a parrot named Rambo saying, “let me out.”