Episode 65



December 13th, 2019

17 mins 9 secs

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Approximately 1,000 people work for the state as child protection investigators. But almost half of them quit after a year, and only about a fourth of them last for two years. Officials at the Department of Children and Families say they’re working on it.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— State Rep. Ray Rodrigues continues his quest to prove higher education is a breeding ground for liberals that shames conservatives into silence. He is promoting a bill to require annual surveys on intellectual freedom and viewpoint diversity on campus.

— Republicans in the state Legislature say parents deserve more choices in public schools, so state Rep. Shevrin Jones filed a bill giving parents a choice — to keep their kids taking part in Florida’s battery of standardized exams.

— A conversation with Sarah Mueller, who escaped the Capitol Press Corps once before, and is now returning as a reporter for Florida Politics.

— An average day for Florida Man: Methamphetamine, embezzlement, a sex shop in Hialeah and an 11-foot alligator.