Episode 458

Mask trial


August 24th, 2021

17 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

Circuit Judge John Cooper is hearing legal arguments in a trial over the Governor's right to ban mask mandates at local schools. But attorneys for the Governor say he did nothing wrong. The trial continues today.

Also on today’s Sunrise:

— Another day on the road with Ron DeSantis as he continues to plug Regeneron in St. Lucie, Alachua and Englewood.

— Remember that awful photo last week of a woman lying on the floor of a Regeneron center in Jacksonville writhing in pain while they waited? Turns out she's OK.

— What do you get when you combine a mask supporter with a podium mic with an anti-masker holding a megaphone? Chaos.

— And finally, police are accusing a Florida Woman of throwing her pussy in the river. His name was Stanley.