Episode 457

Soap opera

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Floridians are anxiously awaiting the latest in the modern-day soap opera that is Florida's anti-mask mandate.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— But the Governor has no intention of moving on and relishes a showdown with the Joe Biden administration.

— The latest COVID-19 stats show almost 151,000 cases and 1,486 deaths in the past week. But Ron DeSantis says the worst may be over.

— The Governor opens three more Regeneron centers where people with COVID-19 can be treated before they end up in a hospital. Sen. Kathleen Passidomo says they were a huge help when she and her husband caught COVID-19.

— The unemployment rate is up again. Florida created 68,000 new jobs, but the workforce grew by 83,000.

— Wedding bells for Matt Gaetz in Southern California.

— And finally, the story of a Florida Man charged with a felony over a Snickers Bar. If only he hadn't pulled out that pocketknife.