Episode 430



June 25th, 2021

22 mins 29 secs

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Florida’s usual political follies are taking a back seat to the tragedy in Miami-Dade where a condo collapsed. Surfside Mayor Charles Burkett says the building literally pancaked and calls it a horrific catastrophe.

Also on today’s Sunrise:

— Emergency crews from across Miami-Dade have converged on the site and the Governor went to see for himself. “It's bad.”

— It's going to be a while before they figure out exactly why this happened.

— Before Gov. Ron DeSantis flew to Miami-Dade, he held a news conference in Tampa to sign bills rebooting the state's vocational education and training system. He says that makes more sense for some people when compared to the price of a university degree.

— 150,000 Floridians who are receiving federal unemployment benefits during the pandemic will be cut off early. DeSantis is taking Florida out of the program 10 weeks early … which means those $300 weekly checks end Saturday.

— And finally, part-time Florida Man Donald Trump will be returning to the Sunshine State on July 3 for his first Florida rally since the election. There will be fireworks … both figuratively and literally. Also, the story of a Florida woman with a bad case of road rage — and a gun.