Episode 428



June 23rd, 2021

15 mins 3 secs

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Florida’s education system is getting serious about civics. Gov. Ron DeSantis approved three bills to revamp civics instruction in Florida schools.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— One bill orders the department of education to revamp the entire civics curriculum from kindergarten till the end of high school … and more.

— Another bill prohibits colleges and universities from excluding speakers with unpopular viewpoints. It's the Florida GOP's response to longstanding claims that liberal professors cancel conservatives; House Speaker Chris Sprowls says it's more than just political posturing.

— Senate President Wilton Simpson shares that concern. During a speech to members of the Board of Governors, Simpson said universities are out of step with the rest of the state.

— On a lighter note, Wilton also recommended that members of the board not kill their annoying teenagers.

— And finally, a Florida Man is fined $2,500 because he cut the wrong nut.