Episode 420



June 11th, 2021

16 mins 59 secs

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“Critical race theory” can no longer be taught in Florida public schools. The Board of Education heard more than an hour of testimony where opponents said it was a Marxist plot to undermine America.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Supporters of CRT say the state's new rule to prohibit discussion of critical race theory is whitewashing history for political purposes.

— Gov. Ron DeSantis proposed the ban and was the biggest supporter of the new rule. Expect to hear a lot more about this on the campaign trail.

— The Governor collected more than $7 million for his reelection campaign during the month of May and has almost $40 million in the bank.

— Congressman Charlie Crist — who is running for Governor — picks up the endorsements of seven Democrats in the Florida House.

— Today's the day the state will finally release an update on COVID-19 casualties. Thanks to the CDC, we have a pretty good idea how bad it will be because the feds are still releasing the numbers on a daily basis instead of releasing them once a week (like Florida).

— And finally, a Florida Man is back behind bars after breaking out of the Pinellas County jail.