Episode 417

Trade secrets


June 8th, 2021

26 mins 17 secs

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About this Episode

Florida is taking a stand against the Chinese Communist Party. The Governor signed a bill to keep communist cash out of Florida research.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Gov. Ron DeSantis also signed a bill creating a new law prohibiting the theft of trade secrets from Florida companies and institutions. That's the sort of thing the feds usually prosecute, but the House Speaker says Florida Man deserves a shot at them.

— Road trip! Congressman and candidate for Governor Charlie Crist is spending the next four days in a statewide voting-rights tour.

— Later this week, Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff visits Tallahassee to encourage more people to get vaccinated. Is it wrong to call him Mr. Kamala Harris?

— More than 80 years after it was founded, the League of Women of Florida finally has a Black president. Cecile Scoon is a civil rights lawyer and former JAG officer who ended up in Panama City — the Redneck Riviera — courtesy of the U.S. Air Force. Scoon is our guest on today's Sunrise Interview.

— And finally, the stories of a Florida Man and a Florida Woman who are both in deep kimchi.