Episode 414



June 3rd, 2021

23 mins 28 secs

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Florida’s $101.5 billion budget approved by state lawmakers gets the Governor's blessing.

Also on today’s Sunrise:

Ron DeSantis held a news conference in New Smyrna Beach to sign the budget, doing again a couple of hours later in Zephyrhills. The Governor also vetoed more than 140 spending projects, including his own pet project: a billion-dollar fund using federal COVID-19 bucks to respond to future disasters and emergencies.

— We also heard the Governor's first official reaction to Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried's announcement that she will run for Governor.

— Despite DeSantis saying she “does nothing,” Fried does plenty, especially when she uses her Cabinet position to serve as the official burr under the Governor's butt. She's gotten under his skin on many occasions.

— Former Florida Senator and current NASA Administrator Bill Nelson delivers a "State of Space Agency" speech with a little help from William Shatner.

— In the aftermath of the 2020 election and the GOP campaign to limit voting, there's a new campaign in Florida to add the Fair Elections for Democracy Amendments to the state constitution that will make it easier to vote.

Sean Shaw, founder of the group "People Over Profits,” talks about those three amendments on the Sunrise Interview.

— And finally, a Florida Man tried to avoid animal cruelty charges for killing an iguana by claiming he was standing his ground.