Episode 407

Turkey talk


May 24th, 2021

20 mins 43 secs

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About this Episode

Florida TaxWatch is releasing its annual list of legislative projects that somehow made their way into the new budget without following the usual procedure. It’s called the “Turkey List” and TaxWatch will be recommending that the Governor use his line-item veto power to hunt them down.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Gov. Ron DeSantis signs the bill creating three sales tax holidays over the next two months. Along with the usual tax breaks for hurricane supplies and back-to-school supplies, there's something new this year.

— “Freedom Week” includes the Fourth of July. The hurricane preparedness tax break starts Friday and just in time because there's already a storm out there before the official start of the season. Florida's new emergency management boss says this is becoming the rule rather than the exception.

— Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis says if you don't stock up during the tax holiday, you might regret it. We can always count on the CFO to get to the bottom line.

— Despite all the help wanted signs across the state, Florida's unemployment rate increased slightly in April to 4.8%. Florida added almost 17,000 new jobs in April, but the workforce grew by 73,000 as more people went looking for work ... so the jobless rate went up.

— The rise of social media and the decline of traditional media has created an entirely new world. Orlando Public Relations expert Alex Armentano calls this the age of misinformation and he says we don't seem to trust anyone anymore.

— Armentano shares three simple rules for countering misinformation and disinformation in the modern era.

— And finally, a Florida Man found more than a million dollars of cocaine floating in the Keys and a Florida Woman led deputies and troopers on a high-speed chase in a stolen Caddy — while naked.