Episode 397

Work search


May 6th, 2021

24 mins 51 secs

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If you're getting unemployment benefits, it's about to get more difficult. The Governor will be reinstating a requirement that people in the unemployment system send weekly "work search" updates.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

Ron DeSantis steps up his attacks on the CDC, accusing scientists of playing politics.

— One of DeSantis's biggest gripes is that the CDC wants cruise ships to require most passengers to be vaccinated for COVID-19. The cruise industry is OK with the idea, but not the Governor.

— On the Sunrise interview is Charlie Crist, the former Governor who wants to replace our current Governor.

— DeSantis hits the road to promote those $1,000 COVID-19 bonus checks for first responders.

— DeSantis presented a ceremonial "BIG CHECK" at a police station in Satellite Beach, a fire station in Temple Terrace and the Sheriff's Office in Fort Myers.

— And finally, the state Supreme Court hears an appeal from a Florida Man who claims he attacked his boss because he was standing his ground — with a hammer. And the story of a Florida Man busted in Nebraska with a van full of ATMs stuffed with marijuana.