Episode 379



April 12th, 2021

23 mins 4 secs

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After a marathon eight-hour meeting, the Senate Appropriations Committee advances HB 1, the anti-protest bill that no one seems to like.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— It appears the only people who support HB 1 are Gov. Ron DeSantis and GOP leaders in the Legislature — but that's all it takes to pass the bill.

— Over the past week, Florida had 42,407 new cases of COVID-19 and 347 newly reported deaths. When compared to the previous week, the number of deaths is down while the number of new cases is up … but there's something fishy about the fatalities. We'll tell you why.

— North Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz has been getting lots of coverage likely … the kind most lawmakers would be ashamed of discussing. But not Gaetz. He talked about those allegations during a speech in South Florida.

— On Sunrise SoapBox, the Cliff Notes version of the speech.

— How would you spend $3.5 billion from the federal government? Would you believe to fix state buildings and other properties? The technical term is "deferred maintenance." You'll hear the House Speaker's spirited defense of deferred maintenance.

— And finally, a Florida Woman crashed her car and told police she was Harry Potter. It might have been funny except for the federal judge she ran over on the sidewalk.