Episode 371



March 30th, 2021

25 mins 4 secs

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Gov. Ron DeSantis has found yet another way to avoid uncomfortable questions from reporters.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Reporters asked the Governor why the state didn't extend unemployment payments to pregnant women, workers sick with COVID-19 and parents who were forced to stay home to care for their children. Still waiting on an answer.

— Three days after it cleared the Legislature, DeSantis signs a bill protecting businesses from COVID-19 liability lawsuits. Senate President Wilton Simpson says it's payback for companies that never closed during the crisis.

— After signing the law, the Governor announced he will be signing an executive order that forbids businesses from requiring proof of vaccination to enter their stores.

— DeSantis is also asking the Legislature to pass a new law banning vaccination passports. So much for the government not imposing mandates on the private sector.

— The Florida Legislature has a new whipping boy … or girl. Transgender children are being targeted by conservatives in the legislature, and not in a good way.

— Captain Will Benson, a lifelong fishing guide in the Florida Keys, talks about trying to keep the Legislature from overruling the citizens of Key West who voted to limit the size of cruise ships at their harbor.

— And finally, a Florida Man hid a camera in the girls’ locker room at Clay High School. He'll be staying at "club fed" for the next 20 years.