Episode 37



November 1st, 2019

16 mins 9 secs

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Another day, another gun bill. This time, it’s a proposal to prohibit domestic abusers from possessing firearms. Domestic violence is responsible for more than half the mass shootings in America.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

Bill Galvano’s M-CORE law mandating the construction of three new toll roads through the heart of Florida is getting bad reviews out in the real world. But in the Capitol, Galvano’s already working on the follow-up — M-CORE 2.0.

— Hillsborough County Sheriff Chad Chronister is counting on Boys II Men and some Super Bowl trophies to raise coin for his reelection.

— After more than 30 years on the scene at the Capitol, Jeb Bush’s former communications director is starting her own PR firm. Alia Faraj-Johnson visits Sunrise to talk about crisis management in the modern media landscape.

— Florida Man update: A 31-year-old Leon County resident opened fire on his own brother after they got into a fight over the Bible.