Episode 357



March 10th, 2021

23 mins 57 secs

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A new report by the Miami Herald lends more credence to complaints the Governor is trading COVID-19 vaccinations for votes and campaign donations. Gov. Ron DeSantis calls it nonsense, accusing the media of hating wealthy seniors.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— The state reported 132 more COVID-19 fatalities Tuesday, as our death toll hits 32,481.

— A House committee approves a bill to slap limits on the amount of THC in medical marijuana. The sponsor, Rep. Spencer Roach wants to stop people from using medicinal weed for recreational purposes.

— Critics of the bill claim Roach is trying to gut Florida's medical marijuana program.

— A House committee votes today on a bill that combines God and Guns — the ultimate Florida combo. Patti Brigham with the League of Women Voters says House Bill 259 and its Senate companion (SB 498) are bad news. The Senate advanced the bill through the Criminal Justice Committee.

— A new analysis of the 2020 election shows there were a lot fewer problems with vote-by-mail than anyone expected; three-quarters of mail ballots flagged for errors were fixed in time to be counted. Yet Republican lawmakers still intend to place all sorts of new restrictions on voting by mail, buying into Donald Trump's “fraud” narrative.

— Attorney General Ashley Moody is suing the White House over its immigration policy, saying changes imposed by Joe Biden’s administration will cost Florida millions of dollars.

And finally, a Florida Man was busted after police asked for his license, and he showed them a bag of cannabis gummies.