Episode 351


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It’s Day One of the 60-day Legislative Session. The House Speaker and the Senate President start the show by laying out their agendas, followed by a joint session where Gov. Ron DeSantis delivers the traditional State of the State address.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— The saber-rattling begins. On the eve of the Session, the Governor joined Republican leaders to announce bills to crack down on China for interfering in Florida.

— Democrats say this is just a part of the campaign to “own the libs” this year. GOP leaders are also refusing to schedule any of the bills for social justice and police reform filed by Dems.

— Now that the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine was approved, the Governor signed an executive order allowing people aged 50 and older to be vaccinated — but only certain people. It all depends on your job.

— But the Governor’s executive order also changed the policy for vaccinating people under age 65 with severe medical conditions. A note from the doctor is not enough. The new order says the doctor must certify that the patient meets “defined eligibility criteria” that have not been made public yet.

— DeSantis is complaining about the new COVID-19 rescue bill in Washington. He says Florida is being shortchanged because its economy is improving and he doesn’t want states still suffering to get any more than Florida.

— The Sierra Club of Florida just issued its 2020 report card for the Governor; their top concern is the climate crisis.

— DeSantis ended up with a grade of D-minus. State Agriculture Commissioner Nikki Fried — who may run against DeSantis next year — didn’t do much better. Sierra gave her a C-minus.

— And finally, a Florida Man got 20 years in prison for cutting off another man’s penis.