Episode 349



February 26th, 2021

22 mins 55 secs

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The official death toll from COVID-19 passed 31,000 on Thursday. But vaccine supplies are increasing, and Gov. Ron DeSantis says he’s trying to figure out when to lower the age limit, allowing people under 65 to get their COVID-19 shots.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— DeSantis is a big fan of the new single-dose vaccine by Johnson & Johnson. The efficacy rate may not be as high as the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. but the Governor says it’s his choice and he’s putting his arm where his mouth is.

— More help could be on the way from D.C. Congressman Charlie Crist says the House plans to vote today on the American Rescue Act, President Joe Biden’s plan to step up the fight against COVID-19 and start rebuilding the economy.

— Cities would get a cut of the $1.9 trillion rescue package, but cities in Florida are gearing up for trouble in the Legislative Session that starts next week. The League of Cities is trying to fend off a bill that would strip them of their zoning authority over home-based businesses.

— And finally, a Florida Man dressed up as an alien to steal a package off a porch. He even paused for the door camera so the homeowners would get a good shot of his mask as a souvenir.