Episode 341



February 16th, 2021

27 mins 18 secs

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Florida’s Division of Emergency Management Director Jared Moskowitz is announcing he will be resigning and replaced by his deputy Kevin Guthrie.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— While Ron DeSantis had nothing but praise for Moskowitz, he had nothing but scorn for the new guidance from the CDC about the safe reopening of schools. The Governor says it all about politics.

— A new coalition of labor and consumers groups is trying to stop the COVID-19 liability immunity bills in the state Legislature.

— Florida’s Department of Health is reporting 159 additional fatalities Monday but only 3,600 new cases of COVID-19. That’s the lowest number of new cases since the end of October.

— New research shows the wealthiest Floridians got considerably richer during the COVID-19 crisis, adding more than $28 billion to their net worth, while essential workers faced unemployment, bankruptcy, and foreclosure.

— Speaking of billionaires, DeSantis is upping the ante in his fight against Big Tech. He’s supporting a new bill that would prevent them from selling your personal data without your permission.

— Florida lawmakers hate the idea of gun control, but what about controlling bullets? Sen. Lauren Book talks about her bill that would require background checks to buy ammo.

— A new report from the Children’s Movement of Florida says businesses that want to attract the best talent have to adopt more family-friendly policies.

— And finally, a Florida Woman and her Florida Daughter are accused of stealing almost $200,000 by setting up fake cosmetic surgery clinics.