Episode 340



February 12th, 2021

22 mins 11 secs

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Gov. Ron DeSantis is claiming that any effort by the Joe Biden administration to impose travel limits to prevent the spread of the U.K. version of COVID-19 would be a direct attack on Florida. The Governor was asked about the threat of the variant Wednesday and the possibility it was spread during crowded Super Bowl parties last weekend. DeSantis responded by attacking the media.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— For the record, Sunrise does indeed care about the spread of the U.K. variant … but we reject the Governor’s assertion that the media only cares when it’s someone we don’t like.

— The Speaker of the Florida House is asking school superintendents to track down the 88,000 kids who were missing when schools counted all their students in October. If they can't find the kids, it may cost the schools about $700 million.

— It’s been almost a year since the pandemic began and the people who run the food banks in Florida say they’re still being slammed.

— It may take as long as five years for the hardest-hit families to recover and Congressman Charlie Crist is promising to do what he can to get more federal help for food banks.

— Remember the controversy about rape kits that sat on the shelves for years untested? Lawmakers dealt with it five years ago but didn’t do far enough. That’s where Gail’s Law comes in.

— And finally, a Florida Man is accused of stealing rings from a girlfriend so he could ask another woman to marry him.