Episode 312



January 4th, 2021

23 mins 13 secs

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Stand by for one of the most dramatic weeks in the history of our republic. A new Congress convened Sunday for the start of a new Session, swearing-in lawmakers while a growing number of Republicans simultaneously work to overturn Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump as the coronavirus surges.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— This ain’t 2021 … it’s 2020 Part 2: the sequel nobody wanted.

— Remember all those times we’ve mentioned how Sunday COVID casualty figures tend to be low because of the way numbers are reported to the state? Well, the Department of Health reported more than 10,000 new infections Sunday, with another 100 fatalities.

— On the plus side, 255,000 Floridians have received their first vaccination for COVID-19. Most of the shots are now reserved for seniors 65 and up and can be found at hospitals and some county health departments ... but the Governor warns that supplies are limited.

— You cannot just head out to get a vaccine … you must have an appointment. Even then, people have waited in long lines for hours.

— Five fresh faces are joining the state’s congressional delegation … all Republicans. But Maria Salazar had to skip Sunday’s official opening session after testing positive for COVID-19.

— Sunrise pays tribute to the handful of Florida Men and Women who defied the stereotype and made us proud in 2020 during the COVID crisis.

— And finally, a Florida Man tells police he robbed a house with an assault rifle to help keep drugs off the street.