Episode 311



December 24th, 2020

19 mins 18 secs

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It’s Christmas Eve, so we have something different: Resident soothsayer Steve Vancore stops by, to say some sooth that’s hard to say.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— We’ll get Steve’s take on the year that disappointed just everyone; 2020 turned out to be a real kidney stone of a year … but eventually (like a kidney stone), this too shall pass.

— Gov. Ron DeSantis signs an executive order to assure that seniors are the top priority once front-line health care workers have been vaccinated and says there’s hope ahead.

— Vaccinations have already begun in long-term care, but the AARP says the death rate at Florida nursing homes has more than doubled since the Thanksgiving holiday.

— No holiday from the virus. The Department of Health reports 121 additional fatalities and 11,000 new cases of COVID 19.

— Donald Trump is dissing the COVID stimulus bill approved by Congress … saying the $600 checks are not enough. He wants $2,000. And DeSantis says those checks are only a small part of the $900 billion COVID bill.

— DeSantis says his people are going through the paperwork now; it could take a couple of weeks to figure out how much money will be coming to Florida if it becomes law.

— State government is closed, but Florida Man never takes a break: A Florida couple is accused of using COVID relief money to buy a mansion in Central Florida.