Episode 308

On the way


December 21st, 2020

18 mins 31 secs

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More drugs are on the way to Florida — including the newly released Moderna vaccine. Just in time, too because Florida won’t be getting as much of the Pfizer vaccine during the next two weeks as the governor had expected. The general in charge of Operation Warp Speed says it’s his fault.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Florida’s Department of Health is reporting 97 more fatalities and 8,400 new cases of coronavirus. That’s the fewest new cases in almost two weeks. However, Sunday’s case numbers tend to be lower than the rest of the week because of the way the state collects data and enters it into the system on the weekend.

— Florida’s unemployment rate is holding steady at 6.4%. but things are worse in the buckle of the tourism belt.

— One thing that hurt this year: businesses didn’t hire nearly as many seasonal employees as they usually do for the holidays.

— There’s a new boss at the Division of Administrative Hearings — Pete Antonacci is the Mr. Fixit of state government sent to clean house at several agencies.

— That last job as Supervisor of Elections in Broward County is what helped Antonacci become the new chief administrative law judge for the state.

— And finally, a Florida Man faces up to three years in prison. He’s not in trouble for being a male escort … but for shorting the IRS.