Episode 296

Digital divide


December 3rd, 2020

19 mins 22 secs

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Florida passed another milestone in the COVID-19 crisis. On Tuesday, the state surpassed 1 million confirmed cases; on Wednesday, there were ten thousand more and the death toll exceeded 19,000. What does the Governor have to say about that? Nothing yet. But Ron DeSantis did release a three-minute video on YouTube saying vaccines are on the way, but supplies are limited.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— When schools pivoted to digital instruction during the pandemic, they found out quickly that some kids couldn’t connect because they don't have computers or broadband. Former Gov. Jeb Bush says the digital divide is real — and we need to deal with it.

— The government invested billions into connecting schools and libraries with high-speed internet; one suggestion is to turn those facilities into neighborhood Wi-Fi hubs.

— Business owners throughout Florida want the Legislature to immunize them from COVID-19 liability lawsuits, with chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis leading the charge.

— And thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, businesses will face an increase in the price of unemployment insurance next year.

Jeffrey Epstein may be dead, but the lawsuit over his secret plea deal with a Miami prosecutor is alive and well. A federal appeals court in Atlanta is hearing the case today.

— And finally, a Florida Man in a sticky situation: he’s accused of threatening another Florida Man’s life because he wasn’t charging enough for sugarcane juice.