Episode 280



November 2nd, 2020

17 mins 26 secs

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Early voting is over, and the election just is one day away. There are 14,400,000 registered voters in Florida, 60% of them have already cast their ballots by mailing them in or taking advantage of early voting sites over the past two weeks.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Florida’s death toll from COVID-19 is set to break the 17,000 mark when updated stats are released. Sunday’s total was 16,997. And if that’s not bad enough, there’s been a sizable increase in the number of new infections.

Jill Biden campaigns in Tallahassee joining a “Souls to the Polls” march from church to an early voting site.

— Biden came to Florida to talk about racial justice. Joining her was the family of George Floyd and their attorney, Ben Crump.

Donald Trump also held a rally in Miami/Dade Sunday with an 11:30 p.m. start time. You won’t hear it on this podcast because that’s way past my curfew, as well as Miami/Dade’s curfew too. But that didn’t stop Trump. As Mel Brooks once said: “It’s good to be king.”

— Former President Barack Obama is also back in Florida for a pre-election rally. It’s one more sign of how close the race is here — and how important our electoral votes are in the process.

— There’s been all sorts of talk in political circles about dastardly schemes to interfere with counting mail-in ballots. Sen. Rick Scott is just hoping they call the race on election night, so none of that will matter.

— And finally, two Florida men accused of stealing ballots from a mailbox and a Florida Woman who used a crowbar to get a refund from her cable company.