Episode 278



October 29th, 2020

15 mins 3 secs

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Despite all the official assurances about cybersecurity during the election, a Florida Man hacked the Governor.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— A new study from the Centers for Disease Control says the death toll from COVID-19 may be 25% higher than the official count. Our current death toll is 16,775 but this report says the real number could be as high as 21,000.

— The Florida Department of Health is reporting 66 more fatalities and 4,115 new cases of coronavirus Wednesday… bringing the statewide total to more than 790,000 infections.

— Just how important is Florida in the 2020 election? Both presidential candidates are campaigning here today. Joe Biden is holding events in Broward County and Tampa. Donald Trump will also be in Tampa for a Make America Great Again rally.

— As early voting continues in the Sunshine State, the folks at Common Cause say they’re getting about 1,000 calls a day from Florida voters looking for help casting their ballots. Representatives from Common Cause talk about voting in Florida.

—There’s lots of talk about how enthused voters are this year, but the head of BlackPAC says there’s something more. She says black voters in Florida are angry with Trump and determined to make a change.

— Amendment 3 will remain on the ballot. The Florida Supreme Court has rejected a last-minute challenge to the amendment that would allow everyone to vote in the primaries regardless of party registration.

— And finally, a Florida woman made more than $100 returning thousands of items to Amazon over a five-year period. She thought she found a loophole in the return process; detectives call it grand theft.