Episode 271



October 20th, 2020

17 mins 11 secs

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Florida Department of Health statistics shows more than 16,000 Floridians have now died from COVID-19. The actual figure is 16,021. If you include the people who lived elsewhere but died in Florida, that total rises to 16,222.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— As the Ron DeSantis administration continues its campaign to downplay the threat from COVID-19, they’ve begun talking about one way to try to stop the daily dirge of stories about all the Floridians dying from the disease. The idea: stop the daily reports and start releasing them on a weekly basis.

Joe Biden’s running mate comes to Florida on Day One of early voting. Kamala Harris addressed a drive-up rally in Orlando.

— Early voting is now underway in 54 counties ... Liberty and Sumter counties begin today. By Saturday, all 67 Florida counties will be open for early voting.

— After years of playing a secondary role to men, women are stepping up in politics. Political scientist Susan McManus says women are now outvoting men; there are more female candidates and women are also donating more money to candidates than ever.

— And finally, checking in with a Florida Man and a Florida Woman busted for drunk driving … and drunk boating.