Episode 267

Creeping up


October 14th, 2020

27 mins 5 secs

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About this Episode

Florida’s daily death toll from COVID-19 has crept back to triple digits, with 123 new deaths Tuesday. That brings the statewide total to 15,722.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— The COVID crisis was front and center in Pembroke Pines as Joe Biden delivered a speech aimed at Florida seniors. His basic message was that the only senior Donald Trump cares about is Donald Trump, and that the President appears to have learned nothing after contracting the virus himself.

— Biden’s speech came one day after the President’s rally in Sanford — and two days before another Trump rally in Ocala.

— Saint Petersburg Congressman Charlie Crist is trying to gin up support for the Affordable Care Act. If the courts undo the ACA and insurance companies can discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions again, Crist warns we’ll go back to the bad old days.

— Tallahassee’s political establishment is trying to convince the Florida Supreme Court to pull the plug on Amendment 3 before the election. The proposal would open primaries to all voters regardless of party affiliation. Politicians don’t like it.

— Sunrise takes a deep dive into complaints about Prop. 3 and hear from the group that put it on the ballot. They say the current system already disenfranchises millions of Florida voters simply because they don’t belong to one of the major political parties.

— And finally, two Florida Men in green uniforms were sent to investigate a traffic accident; they ran over the victim. It was good for them he was already dead.