Episode 26



October 16th, 2019

19 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

The Department of Children and Families wants its employees to “be well,” creating a state Office of Well-Being. The agency’s mission is to “...decrease employee trauma and burnout … increase employee physical (and) mental health, well-being, and retention … ensure that the DCF promotes a resilient, fulfilled, and balanced workforce …” Applications are being accepted through Tuesday on People First, the state job-website.

Also, on today’s Sunrise, hosted by Jim Rosica filling in for Rick Flagg:

— Lawmakers continue to grind it out in the latest committee week.

— First Amendment defender Barbara Petersen gets a big sendoff.

— Beth Matuga talks about candidates, causes and campaigns as well as her time in Carrabelle, where she works to save the oysters.

— A Florida man (with the same name as a famous actor) was booked on charges of drunk driving and threatening a public servant in Brevard County. Officers couldn’t perform any test because he started hollering profanity and threatened to shoot one of them.