Episode 241



September 8th, 2020

20 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

Gov. Ron DeSantis wants people to start vacationing in Florida again. Sunrise examines a new campaign encouraging Floridians to jump-start the tourism business by taking a staycation in their own state.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Florida’s department of health is reporting 22 more fatalities and almost 2,000 new coronavirus infections on Labor Day, as DeSantis says the numbers are looking better. There is, as usual, a caveat.

— One side of society that has the Governor’s attention — alcohol. Specifically, the bars and brew houses shut down after they were accused of spreading COVID-19 when restrictions were relaxed in May. DeSantis would like to find a way to get them back in business.

— President Donald Trump visits Jupiter to talk about the environment. He wants to spend a quarter-billion dollars in next year’s budget on infrastructure projects for the Everglades. Democrats say that would be good if he hadn't gutted the federal agencies that are supposed to be preventing pollution.

— Condolences today to Christopher Benjamin of Miami Gardens, elected to the Florida House when he won the primary for HD 107 last month. His wife died over the holiday weekend.

— The Florida Supreme Court takes on a case that could impact your homeowner’s insurance. Citizens Property Insurance is being sued over claims from Hurricane Francis in 2004.

— Checking in with two Florida Men who had a really bad weekend — only one survived.