Episode 240



August 28th, 2020

24 mins 10 secs

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Florida’s death toll from COVID-19 passes another milestone — 139 new fatalities reported Thursday, pushing the statewide death toll to 11,011.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— The state also reported almost 3,300 new cases of coronavirus, with the total so far at 612,000. But the Governor is positively hopeful.

— DeSantis is predicting he’ll win the legal fight over the forced reopening schools. He lost Round 1, but if he strings the appeal out long enough, Ron DeSantis claims he’ll win by default.

— The Governor likes to say schools are safe for kids and they’re not as vulnerable as adults. But sometimes, they are.

— A Miami Congresswoman says schools need more help to reopen safely, so she’s filed the SCHOOLS Act: “Safe Considerations of the Health of our Learning Students.”

— Voting rights activists are calling out Elections Supervisor of Duval County Mike Hogan. They say he’s doing next to nothing to help his constituents in Jacksonville to vote by mail.

— Jacksonville attorney Eddie Farah is warning about lawmakers who want to inoculate corporations and give them immunity from lawsuits over COVID-19.

— Checking-in with a White Florida Woman who is facing criminal charges for slapping an 11-year-old Black child across the face after the kid rear-ended her in a go-cart at Boomer’s Game Center in Boca Raton. Foul language was involved.