Episode 238



August 26th, 2020

20 mins 52 secs

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Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran is appealing the ruling of a circuit judge who says his emergency order forcing schools to reopen classrooms or lose money violates the state Constitution. The President of the teacher’s union says they expected nothing less from a political appointee with no actual experience running a school.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— The union is calling on Corcoran to drop the appeal and work with them to make schools safe before they reopen. But anyone who has followed the former House Speaker’s political career knows that’s highly unlikely. Corcoran thrives on confrontation.

— As Republicans hold their virtual convention, Democrats hold virtual news conferences to denounce the President and his allies — starting with the COVID-19 crisis and Florida’s failed unemployment system.

— The woman who heads the agency that regulates health care facilities in Florida says the COVID-19 crisis is subsiding at nursing homes and long-term elderly care facilities.

— Congressman Matt Gaetz speaks at the Republican National Convention. He’s best known as a die-hard supporter of Donald Trump who delights in his role as a provocateur and media troll — in other words, he’s a Florida Man. While few would confess to being Florida Man, Gaetz is no ordinary individual.

— Speaking of Florida Man, a Florida Woman is accused of attacking her man because he was looking at porn.