Episode 236



August 24th, 2020

19 mins 53 secs

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Florida’s Department of Health reports 51 new fatalities and almost 3,000 new cases of COVID-19. It’s certainly not good numbers, but it is an improvement. More than 600,000 Floridians have been infected and the death toll is at least 10,462.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Florida’s economic recovery stumbled in July. A new report from the Labor Department shows unemployment increased in July after a couple of months of gradual improvement.

— Officials at the Department of Economic Opportunity say they don’t know yet if the July rate was an aberration or if we’re entering the second wave of unemployment. Either way, Democrats say the Governor and the Republicans who control the state Legislature have screwed the pooch on COVID-19.

— A deep dive into the politics of unemployment during the COVID-19 crisis.

— More schools are opening their doors for in-person instruction … and universities are reopening for the first time since March. Sen. Janet Cruz says stand by for a new wave of infections — and fatalities.

— The teacher’s union has already filed suit over the forced reopening of schools; we’re still waiting on a ruling from a judge who heard the case last week.

— Democrats in the Legislature are also renewing their call for a Special Session to deal with unemployment, elections and myriad issues affected by the pandemic. They say the response from the Governor and legislative leaders is a violation of the state constitution.

— The latest with Florida Man, who lost his job as a city manager after being accused of battering a Councilwoman who voted against renewing his contract.