Episode 235

Little threat?


August 21st, 2020

21 mins 26 secs

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Florida’s Department of Health reported 117 new fatalities from COVID-19 Thursday, bringing the state capital to 10,186.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— The state added more than 4,500 new coronavirus cases, increasing the statewide total to more than 588,000. And there are more than 5,000 COVID-19 patients in Florida hospitals.

— Lawyers for Gov. Ron DeSantis and the Department of Education spend an entire day defending the state’s order forcing most schools to reopen by the end of August. Their medical expert says COVID-19 isn’t much of a threat in schools. The trial wraps up today.

— President Donald Trump’s former advisor and campaign manager Steve Bannon has been indicted on conspiracy charges — and the case began in Florida (of course).

— The state unemployment office will be releasing the jobless rate for June today. While it won’t show up on this report, the feds say unemployment filings from Florida are on the rise.

— Good news for Florida honeybees and for anyone suffering from entomophobia: reports of Giant Asian “Murder” Hornets in the Sunshine State are wrong.

— A deep dive into a new campaign to convince voters to say “no” on Florida’s Amendment 2 in November. So what does it take to destroy Florida’s economy? Would you believe an increase in the minimum wage?

— Checking-in with two Florida Women who are trying to top Florida Man.