Episode 22



October 9th, 2019

16 mins 7 secs

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Supporters of new restrictions on firearms are taking aim at Sen. Rick Scott … and he’s not the only one in the crosshairs.

Also, in today’s Sunrise:

— A national organization called Support Working Animals is challenging Florida’s constitutional amendment that will shut down the greyhound racing industry. They want the amendment overturned, but the Florida Greyhound Association does NOT support the lawsuit; former Lieutenant Gov. Jeff Kottkamp explains why.

— Every four years, a state task force seeks to increase efficiency in state government; they’ll be looking at everything from red tape to water policy.

— As a federal judge in Tallahassee hears a lawsuit over Amendment 4 — which restores voting rights to former felons — a new survey shows most Floridians agree with a law passed by the Legislature this year saying rights cannot be restored until former inmates have paid all fees and fines and have made restitution to victims.

— Adventures of Florida Men: A fiery meth-head, beer-swilling gators and a man flinging live lobsters at pedestrians.