Episode 223

Hopeful signs


August 5th, 2020

21 mins 32 secs

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About this Episode

Florida’s Department of Health is reporting another 247 fatalities from COVID-19 — the 3rd highest daily death toll since the state began counting. But within those numbers are some hopeful signs: The number of newly confirmed cases Tuesday was under 10,000 for the 10th day in a row.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Throughout the crisis, Gov. Ron DeSantis emphasized the importance of protecting seniors and visitors banned from nursing homes and adult living facilities. Now he’s trying to find some way for families to visit their loved ones again.

— DeSantis asked Mary Daniels of Jacksonville to be part of the group that will come up with a visitation plan. She’s the woman who found a way to visit her husband at his memory care home by getting a job there as a dishwasher.

— The director of the United Faculty of Florida talks about reopening college campuses, posing the ultimate COVID-19 question: “Are we all expendable?”

— The latest on a Florida Man accused of hacking his way into Twitter to steal more than $100,000 worth of bitcoin.