Episode 209

Stacked deck


July 17th, 2020

20 mins 14 secs

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About this Episode

Florida continues to set records Gov. Ron DeSantis would rather not discuss.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— The state Department of Health reported 156 fatalities from COVID-19 Wednesday, the largest number of deaths in a single day. There was a record increase in the number of new hospitalizations and almost 14,000 newly confirmed cases of coronavirus. And you would never guess who the chair of the Democratic National Committee is blaming.

— As the state grapples with the reopening of schools, critics claim the Governor and the Florida Surgeon General are stacking the deck by gagging county health officers who don’t think it's safe for kids to return to classrooms yet.

— This is happening because county health officers don't actually work for the county; they’re state employees who answer to Tallahassee.

— Floridians had to fight like hell to get unemployment benefits after being laid off in March and the extra $600 per week from the feds made an enormous difference. However, the federal money runs out at the end of the month — unless the U.S. Senate agrees to an extension.

— Sunrise takes a deep dive on the drive to revive those federal unemployment payments until the end of the year.

— Checking-in with a Florida Woman who was busted long distance from Canada, and a Florida Man who lost his kangaroo.