Episode 18

Facing facts


October 3rd, 2019

14 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

There is a brand-new effort to get Florida leaders to face up to the issue of “climate change” — words that were once verboten in state government

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

Donald Trump is coming to Florida to talk about Medicare in “The Villages,” a GOP bastion we are Republicans will always get a warm reception. But some senior advocates will call out the President for “broken promises to protect Medicare.”

— A legal battle is heating up over two constitutional amendments to open Florida’s primary system. Sunrise speaks with one of the key players behind the campaign to let all voters vote — not just Democrats and Republicans.

— If you’re a fan of public spectacles, here is some sad news: After 39 years of floats and pageantry, Orlando’s Citrus Parade is getting the squeeze.

— And today’s Florida Man story comes from Scott Horsley, chief economics correspondent and former White House reporter for National Public Radio. But before that, Horsely spent time working in the Tampa radio market; so, he knows a thing or two about Florida Man.