Episode 178



June 3rd, 2020

17 mins 14 secs

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Gov. Ron DeSantis says there’s been a lull in the violence that arose from protests against police brutality in the state. Hopefully, it will stay that way.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— There were 70 more fatalities from COVID-19 in Florida, making it one of the worst days on record. Now, there are 57,447 confirmed cases of coronavirus in the Sunshine State — an increase of more than 600 in one day.

— The Florida Education Association releases its plan for the safe reopening of public schools. The teachers want COVID-19 testing for everyone on campus and social distancing, even on school busses. They also want the state to suspend school grades and other accountability procedures during the upcoming school year.

— A deep dive into two cases at the Florida Supreme Court where Attorney General Ashley Moody is asking for another chance to execute former death row inmates spared by the courts in 2017.  But her lawyers ran into a lot of skepticism when they made their case to the high court.

— Today’s Florida Man story includes a somewhat-famous Florida Woman — Carol Baskin. If you have Netflix, you know who she is.