Episode 170



May 21st, 2020

23 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

Gov. Ron DeSantis faces more backlash over claims that his administration is manipulating the official stats for COVID-19 and unemployment claims.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— Democrats in the Legislature are dismissing the Governor’s claim that the unemployment system is now working — and that it has paid 97% of valid claims.

— They’re also demanding an investigation into the firing of the woman who worked on the state’s computerized dashboard that tracks coronavirus cases after raising concerns about hiding data from the public.

— More prison inmates are testing positive for COVID-19, with nearly 1,200 confirmed cases in the Florida corrections system.

— A new COVID-19 scam is making the rounds. Con artists claiming to be contact tracers for the health department are trying to get your personal information.

— Florida teacher unions were NOT invited to participate in the Governor’s reopening task force; the state education commissioner ignored their request to create separate committees on the reopening of schools. So, the Florida Education Association and the United Faculty of Florida have set up their own committees, meeting for the first time today. FEA Vice President Andrew Spar talks about the details.

— Sen. Marco Rubio about coronavirus, giving the view from the chair the Senate Intelligence Committee.

— The latest on Florida Man, who just got out of prison and is already back behind bars after he was found in a stranger’s kitchen without a shred of clothing.