Episode 162



May 11th, 2020

19 mins 30 secs

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About this Episode

You can once again get a haircut or a perm in Florida, now that Gov. Ron DeSantis has declared that barbershops and beauty salons can reopen during the pandemic. You won’t even need a mask — but the barber will.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— The state issues new emergency orders requiring all patients and staff at adult living facilities to submit to testing if they get a visit from the Department of Health.

— The stay at home order has lifted in Palm Beach County, which today entered Phase One of the recovery. Broward and Miami/Dade are the only counties still under lockdown, DeSantis is hoping they'll reopen as soon as next Monday.

As South Florida begins to reopen, the Governor is working on plans to screen airline passengers from overseas — especially South America. He wants to check them for COVID-19 before they get on the plane.

— The state’s unemployment compensation woes continue. Florida has received claims from almost 1,300,000 residents, but the state has only sent payments to 532,000.

— More media bashing from DeSantis during the pandemic, taking another page from Donald Trump’s coronavirus playbook. He’s taking credit for the fact that Florida wasn’t hit as hard as the experts thought, but the Tampa Bay Times crunched the numbers and found average, everyday Floridians began social distancing and staying at home weeks long before the Governor issued any orders.

— Checking in with two Florida Men who probably should have stayed away from the restaurants when they reopened.