Episode 159



May 6th, 2020

23 mins 10 secs

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About this Episode

Gov. Ron DeSantis is announcing a new tool in the fight against COVID-19 in Florida — it’s an RV.

Also, on today’s #Sunrise:

— Although the state health department didn’t confirm the first case of coronavirus in Florida until March 1, a new report in the Palm Beach Post says it was here as early as January 1.

— DeSantis gives another upbeat assessment of Florida’s response to the pandemic during a visit to a coronavirus testing facility in Sarasota. The first batch of tests for COVID 19 antibodies is ready to go, the Governor says.

— DeSantis also continues to face questions about the state’s unemployment compensation system. Although he doesn’t want to play the blame game, the Governor threw one of his own people under the bus.

— Day 3 of Florida’s soft reopening and some local officials are worried that it’s happening too soon, increasing the chances of another lockdown later this year. Some are blaming the President for stirring up anti-lockdown protests.

Rich Fiesta, of the Alliance for Retired Americans, talks about the importance of vote-by-mail. His group is one of several that is filing a new lawsuit in federal court challenging some of Florida’s rules for vote-by-mail ballots. They seek to make it easier to vote from home during the pandemic.

— The new adventures of Florida Man: One is a former Green Beret who tried to overthrow the President of Venezuela. Another carried a toy gun, wearing a dinosaur costume.