Episode 148



April 21st, 2020

27 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

Gov. Ron DeSantis presides over the first meeting of his task force to rebuild Florida's economy after the COVID-19 pandemic. It was — as expected — conducted remotely.

Also, in today’s Sunrise:

— As politicians talk about restarting the economy, some Florida doctors warn caution. Until better tests are available, and more people are tested, they say it’s not safe to return to business as usual

— The coronavirus has hit Florida farmers hard. A new report from the state Agriculture Commissioner’s office says the losses so far add up to more than $500 million.

— If you’re stuck at home with kids during the lockdown, you already know they’re getting antsy. A doctoral student in psychology at Florida State offers some tips for reassuring the youngsters and keeping them engaged.

— Checking in with Florida Man and his Florida Woman: Both are doctors facing criminal charges for what they call a game of “capture the flag.”