Episode 133



March 31st, 2020

23 mins 25 secs

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Some happy news for a change: Gov. Ron DeSantis and the First Lady have a brand-new baby girl. But the Governor wasn’t in the delivery room because of coronavirus.

Also, on today’s Sunrise:

— The Florida Department of Education has extended school closures through May 1 (at least) due to the coronavirus pandemic. The expected news came during a conference call. Florida has now confirmed 5,704 cases of coronavirus, including 71 fatalities.

— A minister in Hillsborough County is facing criminal charges for holding services where hundreds of people attended in person — violating common sense and health regulations during a pandemic.

— A cruise ship loaded with sick passengers — and four dead bodies — is headed for Broward County; DeSantis wants to stop it.

— The head of Florida’s emergency management agency says the hunt for N95 masks (to protect health care workers) is fraught with fraud and price gouging. He calls it’s a “Ponzi scheme.”

— The head of the Florida branch of the AARP is asking state officials to explain why they won’t release the names of nursing homes and ALFs with confirmed cases of coronavirus.

— DeSantis is still refusing to issue a statewide lockdown because of the virus, but he’s joining the Mayors of four South Florida counties for a new program called “Safer at Home.” It’s like a lockdown, but without the curfews.

— And checking in with Florida Man, who does his best to spread fear and panic amid the pandemic.